A Buyer's Guide for Lightweight Foldable Electric Wheelchair

27.09.2022 0 JEFF C

Whether you have a problem walking for long distances or health limitations due such as paralysis, getting an electric wheelchair is the ultimate answer.

Whether you have a problem walking for long distances or health limitations due such as paralysis, getting an electric wheelchair is the ultimate answer. You need to have a clear understanding of the type of electric wheelchair that matches your needs. Be aware of the different types, models, and major brands available in the market. Most electric wheelchair manufacturing companies don't sell to their customers directly but through a dealer who later sells to the end-user. With current advancements, many people prefer using a lightweight electric wheelchair to avoid the strain that comes with a self-propelled or manual wheelchair that needs someone to push you around.

Factors to consider when choosing an electric wheelchair

Below are factors to consider when choosing and lightweight foldable electric wheelchair;

1. When you will mainly use your wheelchair

When looking for an electric wheelchair to buy consider whether you'll be using it mainly when indoors or outdoors. An electric wheelchair with large wheels and high ground clearance is more suitable for an outdoor experience. If you’ll mainly use the wheelchair when indoors choose one with smaller turning circles that are easier to operate and with a seat that can be easily elevated to reach higher spaces like shelves and cupboards.

2. Are you going to transport your wheelchair?

A lightweight foldable electric wheelchair is the best option if you need to travel around with your wheelchair. It's light in weight and the fact that you can fold it so that it can fit in your space. It has handles that will help you to pull or lift the wheelchair. It's cheaper traveling with your wheelchair than hiring one at your destination. Buy a wheelchair with plane-safe batteries if you intend to travel with it using airlines.

3. Product Warranty

Buying an electric wheelchair will cost you a good amount of money. Therefore, when choosing what type to buy ensure that there is a warranty in case you get it delivered and you realize it's malfunctioning. The engine may have issues, and the wheels or other parts may be broken. If you dint cause the damage yourself, then you should have an option of returning it and getting a new one or having them repair the wheelchair at the seller’s own cost.

4. Price

Lightweight foldable electric wheelchairs vary in price. Once you know the specific features you are looking for you can now go ahead and compare prices among different sellers. But don't forget to check on quality and durability. Remember cheap can turn out to be expensive.

5. Availability of spare parts

Electric wheelchairs are made of several parts assembled. Sometimes a part can get damaged and fail to effectively work. When purchasing an electric wheelchair choose a brand from which you can easily get spare parts and an expert to do repairs where necessary.
Make sure you have a clear picture of the type of lightweight electric wheelchair folding you want to buy that matches your needs. Consider the price and ease of getting spare parts and repairing. Check the battery range and weight capacity before making a decision.

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